Katy's Project: What is the difference between a Series Circuit and a Parallel Circuit?

An investigation into the differences in operation and between a series circuit and a parallel circuit.

working with the form

When the switches were all wired, they were placed in the display.

the top half, complted

Time to work on the display for a moment.

My little house

Installing the lights. the lights, unlike the switches, came pre wired and pre stripped, so that part of the chore was easy.

wiring up the project

Putting together the wiring on the project. The schematic looked very neat and tidy, and the actual wires, less so. The wires were put together with wire nuts. The project didn't require any soldiering

finishing the display

Putting together the final touches on the display box so as to have it ready to turn in on Monday

the finished project

Here is the finished project. Series circuit on the right, parallel on the left. There is no photo showing the lights, as the lights in the series circuit were very dim, and didn't show well at all. The lights in the parallel circuit shone quite brightly.